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Our Services:

  • Strategic Thinking and Execution: When your organization needs focus and direction, Qm² designs a comprehensive process that not only yields a shared vision, but also aligns the organization and brings energy to the board and staff. What distinguishes our approach is emphasis on enabling an organization to think and act strategically, rather than simply having a plan. 

  • Fund Development: Qm² audits development programs and helps CEOs, Development Officers, and Boards create achievable plans for fundraising success. We emphasize donor-centered, comprehensive and inclusive fundraising strategies. We train boards and help members see "asking" as an open invitation to engage donors in the important work of the organization.

  • Guest Experience: All nonprofits have guests – donors, clients, visitors, members, subscribers, audiences, or customers. The guest’s experience is crucial to your success. Qm² works with organizations to assess and improve the guest experience. We help organizations understand their guests’ reactions to experiences through conducting front-end, formative and summative evaluations. We enhance the guest experience by designing engaging tours, museum theatre experiences, and living history. We have developed tools and training programs for staff to enhance the design and consistent delivery of engaging experiences.  

  • Exhibitions and Interpretive Plans: Effective and engaging exhibits and interpretative planning doesn't happen by accident. The Qm² approach eliminates the guess work by beginning with the end in mind. Qm² projects always start with a thorough discussion of outcomes, audience, visitor experience, “big ideas,” and budget. We work with staff to discover must-see objects and must-hear stories. We help integrate community partners into the process. We find exhibit designers who are right for the job. And, we never stop thinking about the visitor’s needs.

  • Retreats and Meetings: When an organization needs to make crucial decisions, Qm² helps the leaders design a process so that the decision-makers come to agreement based on good information and a full understanding of the perspectives surrounding the issues. We are skilled meeting facilitators, ensuring that even the most contentious issues are aired through constructive dialogue.  

  • Board and Staff Development: Through workshops and coaching, learning and teaching, Qm² enables people to discover their talents and use them for the benefit of the organization. We offer workshops on various topics, such as team building and guest services. We also work directly with organizations to design training to meet specific needs. We use practical tools and concepts to address real issues faced by the organization, rather than generic training organized around hypothetical situations.

  • Staff and Volunteer Performance: An effective organization is the result of many players working towards a common goal. Qm² provides tools that tie performance expectations to mission, values and philosophy. Work style assessments and coaching provide insight for department leaders to better meet the professional and personal needs of individual staff members and volunteers and still keep the institution's best interest their priority.

  • Roundtables for Executives: A particularly effective means of developing one's executive strengths is to join a Qm² Roundtable. Members meet to help one another solve individual problems, and to learn about new approaches to building strong organizations. Informal discussions with other CEOs help clarify issues and convert concerns into practical actions.

Qm² helps museums and cultural organizations build successful futures by implementing powerful and proven concepts of learning, leadership, management, and organizational design. 

Forward Looking - Solutions Tailored to Your Situation:

Qm² is always happy to have a conversation with you about your organization's challenges. We are known for asking insightful questions and thinking critically about your issues. 

Occasionally these conversations lead to our working with your staff or board using processes selected to address your specific situation. Often we simply provide you with a new perspective and lead you to some concepts or tools available on our website.

​Contact Qm² to find out how we can help you.
Maryland Historical Society, “A Sailor’s Story”Written and Directed by Dale Jones
Photo: Harriet Lynn