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Qm² Insights: Planning
When an organization needs focus and direction, Qm² designs a comprehensive planning process that not only yields a shared vision, but also aligns the organization and brings energy to the board and staff. 
Strategic Planning: Essential Questions Before You Start
by John Durel and Anita Nowery Durel

No single approach to strategic planning works for every organization. You have choices, and by making good choices you can help to ensure the plan’s success. Before undertaking a planning process, you should spend time answering these questions. Download briefing.

Why Plans Fail
by Will Phillips

More often than not plans fail. Strategic plans, created with great excitement and satisfaction begin to gather dust in a few months. The problem is not the plan, it is the way the plan was created. 
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Mission AND Profit
by John Durel

Most nonprofit organizations have little trouble in coming up with new ideas for programs or services. The needs of their constituents are so great, and their own desire to create and serve is so strong, that the staff and volunteers can always think of more to do. The challenge is not to come up with new ideas, but to choose the best ideas. How do you determine what is best for your organization? Download briefing.

The Key Ingredients of a Strong Vision
by John Durel

The leader needs to articulate a compelling vision to drive the organization forward. Here are the key ingredients of a strong vision. 
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"I remain very grateful and impressed. The ideas that you have crystallized into the BHAG reflect both keen listening and good thinking."

-David Donath, President, Woodstock Foundation
Edgar Allan Poe's Resting Place-Westminster
 Burying Ground, Baltimore.
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