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Qm² Insights: Nonprofit Boards
Qm² consultants help nonprofit leaders improve the performance and effectiveness of their boards by designing and implementing board development strategies. We facilitate board retreats, as well as provide ongoing coaching for sustained board improvement. These management briefings are available to download to help you build a stronger organization. 

Board Recruitment and Orientation
by Anita Durel

There are many qualities that the ideal trustee possesses, and chief among them are probably integrity and passion for the cause. Only those that truly care about the mission will invest themselves on behalf of the institution.  Read More.

Museum Retreats
by Mary Case

Planning a board or staff retreat? I surveyed the leadership of forty District of Columbia museums on their use of board and staff retreats. This briefing summarizes my research and could help you in your planning. Read More.

Board Committees
by John Durel

Traditionally board committees have been organized around organizational functions, such as personnel, marketing, fund development, programs, finance, etc. This practice tends to blur the line between staff and board work, and create committee work that is operational rather than strategic. Board committees should be organized around strategic priorities, not organizational functions. The board must focus its committee work on what is most important, given the organization’s strategic goals. Read More. 

A Museum Disconnect: Program and Board Development
By John Durel

A decade ago a major museum in the Midwest underwent a dramatic change in the way it developed its exhibits and public programs. Seeking to bring new voices and diverse perspectives to its offerings, it reached out to its community through collaborative projects, roundtable discussions, focus groups, and the like. The staff became adept at listening to and working with constituents. Outside participation became the norm for program development. In the case of the Midwestern museum, while the staff changed, the board did not. As the leaders of the change departed, the museum drifted back to more traditional programs and exhibits. Read More. 
I hate to think of how many days, nights, and weekends I have wasted on various retreats: this was the first one that really achieved worthwhile results. In addition to being a good retreat, I think you helped us—both in the retreat, and individually with others—to have a great many insights into our Board, our Staff, our purposes, our organization, our disorganization, etc. For that we thank you.

-John M Rau, President, Bowers Museum
Albuquerque Museum of Art & History exterior.
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