A community of consultants helping museums and cultural nonprofits. 
Our Guiding Principles:
We are diagnosticians. We do not presume to know what you need until we understand your organization. We have developed methods of inquiry to gain insight into the dynamics of your organization, its opportunities for improvement, and the underlying causes of problems within it. The better you understand the way forces interact in your organization, the more options you have.

We help you see the system. Our training, experience, and methods help clarify organizational issues. We help you learn to see from multiple vantage points, both within the organization and from outside. Seeing the whole system strengthens the solution.

We empower our clients. We come to you with methods and tools that enable you to address your own needs. In the process of helping you with a specific need, we teach you and others in the organization the skills to better handle problems and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

We are pragmatists. We move readily from the conceptual to the practical. We will help you design practical, realistic, and workable solutions to organizational and personnel challenges.

We are implementers. Our methods help you follow through and get the results you want. We attend to the second and third agendas. By this we mean that we focus not so much on what your organization does (the first agenda), but rather on the systems and processes that shape how things are done (the second agenda), and on the talents and needs of the people (the third agenda) who do the work. Small improvements in the second and third agendas can have exponential impact on your success in the first agenda.

We build consensus. Getting the right answers is of little value without support from the people who implement the solutions. We can help you build commitment and support, even in highly polarized situations.

We are tough and supportive. We work hard to get the real issues on the table and to rigorously examine them. We do not shy away from conflicts, but strive to turn the energy into productive resolutions. We will help you carry out your good intentions.

We operate with integrity. We will be open and honest with you and we expect the same in return. We do what we say and say what we do.

We combine a deep knowledge of non-profit organizations with cutting edge knowledge of management. We have decades of experience working in and for non-profit organizations. Through extensive reading and training we keep abreast of new developments not only in the field of management, but also in other important areas such as technology, demography and philanthropy.

We maintain a national professional presence. We are committed to serving museums and other non-profit organizations across the country.

We are a community of consultants. We are not a firm, a company, a business, or an association. We each operate our own consulting business. However, we share common purposes and values, our talents are complementary, and we care for and support one another.

We are active learners. In our work we continually strive to get better. We ask for your honest assessment of our performance, so that we can learn from our mistakes.

We warranty our work. If you are not satisfied, you will not pay.